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Barbed Wire consists of two strands of wire twisted together with barbs placed at predetermined distances. Reverse twist is the new standard used by Bekaert in its high tensile barbed wire products. The reverse twist design alternates the direction of the two wires at the barbs to reduce sagging and better hold the barbs in place and adds memory to the barbed wire which results in less maintenance and repair.

The barbs on barbed wire are offered in two varieties, 2 point or 4 point.

2 point Barbed Wire

2 point Barbed Wire  Barbed Wire- close up


4 point Barbed Wire



4 point Barbed Wire  4pt Barbed Wire with Cow

The standard spacing of barbs is 5 inches. For high animal traffic areas, predator risks, or security concerns a 3 inch spacing is recommended.

Barbed Wire is typically used for cattle and bison. Check out our Features, Benefits and Applications Chart for details.

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Barbed Wire

Cattleman® 14g Barbed Wire
Bekaert ZA Barbed Wire
Gaucho® 15.5 Barbed Wire
Low Carbon Barbed Wire
Bekaert 18g Barbed Wire




 Barbed Wire Products

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