Cattleman® 14g Barbed Wire

America's Strongest Barbed Wire


Cattleman® 14g Barbed Wire gives you all the benefits you'd expect from a Bekaert fencing product: easier installation and sustainability while also saving you time and money through increased post spacing, less maintenance and a long lasting fence.

Our Cattleman® 14g Barbed Wire is perfect for the most demanding fence jobs.  This product is Class 3 galvanized which will last 3 times longer and is 30% stronger than Class 1 12.5g low carbon fencing and 15.5g high tensile wire.

New!  ZA+ Paint Coating

Cattleman® Barbed Wire is also offered with our exclusive ZA+ paint coating, providing an increased lifespan with an attractive green finish. Find out more information here!

Download the Barbed Wire Fact Sheet

Cattleman Barbed Wire Product Number                                                                       **Green= Green ZA+ Paint


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