Field Fence

Hinge Joint Knot

Bekaert field fences utilizes a woven wire with a hinge joint knot.  Our field fences are offered in a wide variety of heights and styles that feature graduated spacing that starts with narrow openings at the bottom which prevents the entry of small animals.

 Hinge Joint      Hinge Joint Knot

The hinge joint knot is designed to give under pressure and spring back into shape with added flexibility and strength.  The wire crimps allow the fence to expand and contract in order to withstand everything from corralling your precious investment to standing up to the most severe weather conditions.  Our field fences ensure a solid construction on all terrains.

Bekaert Field Fences can be used for various large animals, please take a look at our  Features, Benefits and Applications Chart for the best fit.

Download the Field Fence fact sheet.  

Woven Wire Fence

Woven wire is available in variety of heights and configurations.  Understanding the product description will help you select the right fence for your job.   

 Woven Wire Fence


Field Fence

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Low Carbon Field Fence

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