Gaucho® High Tensile Field Fence

Gaucho®, A Fence You Can Stand Behind!

 Field Fence High Tensile

Gaucho® Field Fence combines the familiar hinge joint knot with high tensile steel. This means Gaucho® is significantly stronger and installs faster with fewer posts. Plus, using Gaucho® means reduced sagging and less maintenance. This product is available in Class 3 galvanized for a longer fence life.

A 14 gauge Gaucho® Field Fence with its 12.5g top and bottom wires is as strong as a 12.5g low carbon fence. And a 12.5g Gaucho® Field Fence with 10.5g top and bottom wires is stronger than 11g and equivalent to 9g low carbon field fence. Both of these options are less expensive than using low carbon field fence.

All Gaucho® High Tensile Field Fence products meet or exceed ASTM A-116 for product standards, as well as, ASTM A-641 for zinc coating standards

New!  ZA+ Paint Coating

You can also get Gaucho® Field Fence with ZA+ Paint advanced coating. This field fence is available with a green finish and will last four to six times longer than a standard Class 1 Galvanized fence and enhances the appearance of your property as well. Find out more information here!

Gaucho High Strength Field Fence

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