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Not all fencing is equal, that's why Bekaert offers a variety of American-made fencing products that guarantee superior quality with a longer lasting result.  Above all, we remain dedicated to providing you with innovative fencing products and operational excellence. We work with customers just like you to continually develop new technology to create the best fencing solutions for any project. Our newest addition: ZA Sheep and Goat Fence.                      
We began manufacturing barbed wire in 1880 to meet the needs of land owners.             Today, Bekaert is the largest galvanized wire company in the world serving all types of customers.  Van Buren, Arkansas is home to our state of the art galvanized wire and agricultural fencing plant. Van Buren produces our entire line of products including Gaucho®, Solidlock®, Cattleman®, and our innovative paint finishes. 
Agricultural fencing is a dynamic market where one solution does not meet all needs.       We are here to help you in selecting the right fence.

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Barbed Wire

Cattleman® 14g Barbed Wire
Bekaert ZA Barbed Wire
Gaucho® 15.5g Barbed Wire
Low Carbon Barbed Wire
18g Barbed Wire


Barbed Wire- close up

Field Fence

Gaucho® HT Field Fence
Low Carbon Field Fence


Field Fence

Fixed Knot

Solidlock® 12.5g Fixed Knot
Bekaert ZA 14g High Tensile


Fixed knot close up

Smooth Wire

Bekaert Smooth Wire

Smooth Wire

Non Climb and Sheep and Goat

Bekaert ZA HS Horse Fence
ZA Sheep and Goat




ZA & ZA+ Paint

All Bekaert ZA & ZA+ Paint
Bekaert ZA Barbed Wire
Bekaert ZA Barbed Staples
Bekaert ZA HT Fixed Knot
Bekaert ZA Smooth Wire
Bekaert ZA HS Horse Fence
ZA Sheep and Goat

ZA+ Paint Barbed Wire Green

Fence Accessories

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Bekaert ZA Staples 8lb Bucket

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