High Tensile 15.5g Gaucho® Barbed Wire

For a mixture of strength and cost effectiveness, nothing beats Gaucho 15.5g High Strength Barbed Wire. Constructed from high tensile, or high strength, steel wire, our Gaucho® 15.5g Barbed Wire offers a stronger barbed wire in a more compact, smaller diameter compared to low carbon 12.5g barbed wire.  This translates into reduced sagging and enhanced fence memory, and eliminates the need for pre-stretching. It also allows for greater post spacing intervals, saving you time, money, and maintenance work on your fencing project.

All Gaucho 15.5g Barbed Wire fence products are made with Bekaert’s industry-leading Limited Guarantee coatings of up to 40 years for protection against the harshest elements.

Our Gaucho® Barbed Wire products meet or exceed the following ASTM standards:

  • ASTM A 121
  • ASTM A 85 (Bezinal®)

Gaucho®: High Strength Barbed Wire 15.5g
Item # Barb Type/
118290  2 pt, 5" 1320' 41 Class 3
118293 4 pt, 5" 1320' 42 Class 3
118352 4 pt, 3" 1320' 51 Class 3
261130 2 pt, 5" 1320' 41 Bezinal®
261131 4 pt, 5" 1320' 42 Bezinal®
127139 4 pt, 5" 1320' 42 Bezinal®
+ UV

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