High Tensile 12.5/14g Gaucho® Horse Fence

Stronger than a speeding horse, our High Tensile Gaucho® High Strength Horse Fence relies on its mesh design and high tensile wire to provide safe, humane containment for your horse, llama, alpaca, sheep, goat, and ostrich/emu.

Our non-climb 2” by 4” openings are meant to deter animals from putting their heads and hooves through the fence and causing harm. The S-Knot design protects your animals skin from harm as well. The high tensile material is 40% stronger than standard low carbon wire, providing functionality for years to come.

Treated with our industry-leading Bezinal® hybrid zinc-aluminum coating that meets or exceeds industry standards, our High Tensile Gaucho® Horse Fence carries a Limited Guarantee of 30 years.

Our Gaucho® High Strength Horse Fence products meet or exceed the following ASTM standards: 
  • ASTM A 116
  • ASTM A 856 (Bezinal®)

 Gaucho®: High Strength Non-Climb Horse Fence

 Item #  Description  Roll 


 164395  1348-2 - 12.5g-14g  100'  101  Bezinal®

 164396  1348-2 - 12.5g-14g  200'  198  Bezinal®

 164397  1660-2 - 12.5g-14g  100'  125  Bezinal®

 164399  1660-2 - 12.5g-14g  200'  246  Bezinal®

 165031  1972-2 - 12.5g-14g  100'  138  Bezinal®

For a comparison of our entire non-climb product line, review our product catalog. Check out our Dealer Locator to find high tensile 12.5/14g Gaucho® High Strength Horse Fence near you or contact us today. 

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