Low Carbon Gaucho® Horse Fence

The best combination of beauty, performance, and strength, Low Carbon Gaucho® Non-Climb Horse Fence protects your equine while offering excellent design, aesthetic appeal, with an economic value. 

Featuring an “S” knot design that doesn’t harm animals’ skin or coats and a closely spaced 2” by 4” opening that protects against entrapment and harm, the Low Carbon Gaucho® Horse Fence offers low maintenance and exceptional longevity for horse, sheep, goat, and all equine. 

With two choices of galvanized protective coating options Low Carbon Gaucho® Horse Fence is capable of meeting all types of equine fencing needs. Our Bezinal® + UV coating has an added aesthetic appeal with a green pigment to the fence also backed by a 40 year Limited guarantee.

Our Gaucho® Non-Climb Sheep/Goat products meet or exceed the following ASTM standards: 
  • ASTM A 116


 Gaucho®: Non-Climb Horse Fence 
 Item #  Description  Roll 


 118157  1348-2 - 10/12.5g  100'  122  Class 3
 118232  1348-2 - 10/12.5g

 200'  244  Class 3
 118183  1660-2 - 10/12.5g  100'  151  Class 3
 134801  1348-2 - 10/12.5g  100'  122  Bezinal®+ UV

 134804  1348-2 -10/12.5g  200'  244  Bezinal®+ UV

 134808  1660-2 - 12.5/12.5  100'  151  Bezinal®+ UV

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