Deer and Exclusion Fence Needs

Height is probably the most important factor in fencing in fencing out deer, especially in higher (deer) populated areas.  White-tailed deer can jump almost eight feet high, so effective your fence should be this high. 


Exclusion fence does not necessarily need to be made with the strongest wire available unless you are excluding humans. The Solidlock® 12.5g Fixed Knot
is far and away the strongest exclusion fence available and provides maximum exclusion strength. The Solidlock® 14g Fixed Knot is a proven product that works well for many deer exclusion fences where the deer pressure is lighter.


Post spacing is another important aspect to consider, for exclusion applications we recommend 15 to 20 feet. Wider post spacing’s can be used where pressure is lighter.


Fixed knot is the preferred knot for deer exclusion fence. Deer can actually push through a hinge joint fence, creating a hole in the fence. They will use this same hole for ingress in the future.


Deer exclusion fence must be a minimum of 78 inches high, preferably 96 inches. 

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