Post Spacing for Fence Installation

You’ve evaluated your breaking strength need and picked your fencing product. Here’s what you need to know about planning the optimal post spacing for your project.

Post spacing will vary with land conditions and livestock pressure on the fence. For specific animal post spacing requirements based check out our application fence needs.

General Post Spacing Requirements

Fence Type 

 Post Spacing

 High Tensile Barbed Wire

 Up to 30' with Fence Stays

 High Tensile Fixed Knot  20' - 20'

 High Tensile Field Fence

 Up to 16.5'

 High Tensile Horse Fence  8' - 12'

 High Tensile Smooth Wire

 Up to 30' w/ battens

 Low Carbon Bared Wire

 10' - 12'

 Low Carbon Field Fence

 8' - 10'

 Low Carbon Horse Fence

 6' - 10'

If you have additional questions on post spacting, or want to better understand the role of post spacing in our fencing products, please contact us for assistance.

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