Top 4 Fence Buying Tips

Steven Sarson, our technical expert, shared some advise with American Cattlemen magazine subscribers on the four things livestock producers should consider when buying a fence. 

1. Fence Fit

Get it right the first time. Consider these things when choosing your fence: animal type, terrain, location, and stocking density. Each combination will lead you to different configurations and products so it’s important to take the time to identify your specific requirements.

2. Fence Strength

Bigger isn’t always better. Although smaller in diameter, lighter high-tensile fencing products actually exceed the breaking strength of heavier, larger diameter low carbon fencing products.

3. Fence Longevity

Rusty fence — no thanks. Use Class 3 or Bezinal® coated wire to guarantee your fence will last up to 30 years. And forget — your accessory materials are just as important and should also be galvanized.

4. Fence Value

Best bang for your buck. High tensile fences are stronger, longer-lasting, require less posts, install faster and easier, virtually eliminate maintenance, and cost less per foot than standard low carbon fence. All this leads to a lower total cost of ownership saving you dollars in the long-run.

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