Fence Strength

One thing that everyone can agree on is that the most efficient way to build a fence is to build it right the first time.


High Tensile Tester


Selecting the right strength for you application is important. Our fencing products will begin saving you money on materials and labor from the day you install them and every day afterwards.

They come in various strengths to meet your needs:

Take a look at the following charts to see the differences in breaking strength between the products.

 Bekaert Woven Wire breaking strength chart
Bekaert Barbed Wire breaking strength chart


Professional strength

Gaucho® Pro and Solidlock® Pro fences stay strong and last long. These high-carbon fences have superior breaking strength, and are 30-60% stronger than standard fence. Designed for the professional fence installer, farmer or rancher, these fences are the strongest you can buy in the market.

High strength

Our high strength products offer both high value and high breaking strength. They will last significantly longer than standard low carbon fencing. If you need a fence that requires little or no maintenance, and won’t sag or stretch over time, Gaucho® and Solidlock® high strength products are a great choice.

Standard strength

Traditional strength (low carbon) fence is easy to work with and somewhat forgiving. However, it is prone to stretching and sagging.


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