Fence Type

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Barb wire construction consists of two wire strands twisted together and starred with 2-point or 4-point barbs at intermittent distances, usually 5 inches. Barbed wire is still the standard for cattle fencing in most of the United States due to it's affordability and effectiveness way to enclose large areas.

Fixed Knot

Fixed Knot

Fixed-Knot woven wire fence provides superior control for animal containment, exclusion, and protection from predators. The high-tensile wire and solid vertical stays provide the strongest fence option on the market for various animal applications.

Hing Joint Fence Knot

Field Fence

Bekaert field fences utilizes a woven wire with a hinge joint knot. Our field fences are offered in a wide variety of heights and styles that feature graduated spacing that starts with narrow openings at the bottom which prevents the entry of small animals.


Non-Climb Fence

Perfect for jumping animals like horses, sheep and goats, and for decorative applications, Non-Climb fence’s versatility and strength come from its “S” knot design. The S-knot as well and smaller fence openings were designed with your animals safety in mind protecting against harm and entanglement.

Barbed Stapels

Other Fence Products

The best way to ensure the quality of your Bekaert fence is to use Bekaert Accessories. Our accessories include Bezinal® Barbed Staples, Knurled Staples, Fence Stays, Electric Fence Wire, and also Welded Utility Fabric.

Why Bekaert Fencing?

A reliable brand
The story of Bekaert started in 1880 with barbed wire and has continuously grown from these roots. From highly corrosion resistant wire and to high tensile and high strength fences, we are an expert supplier of wire products for the agricultural market.

Expert advice

Agricultural fencing is a dynamic market where one solution does not meet all needs. We are here to help you in selecting the right fence. We work with customers just like you to continually create the best fencing solutions to meet your needs.

Made in the USA

Our fencing products are American-made and produced in our Van Buren, Arkansas manufacturing facility. Using processes that have been developed based on years of best-practices, our fencing products set the bar in terms of quality and durability.

Guaranteed coatings

Bekaert fencing products are protected by a wide range of coating solutions. These solutions range from class 1 zinc, to our advanced coating of zinc aluminum, Bezinal®. Bekaert offers coating guarantees up to 40 years.

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