Non-Climb: Horse, Sheep, Goat

“S” isn’t just a knot type. It stands for safety.

Perfect for jumping animals like horses, sheep and goats, and for decorative applications, Non-Climb fence’s versatility and strength come from its “S” knot design. This design keeps the vertical stay wires upright, combating the buckling and sagging that’s possible on other fence types.

This design is smooth to the touch so you won't have to worry about injuries to your animals.  Smaller openings protect your animals hooves from getting stuck and entanglement. The knots also function as a memory mechanism, protecting the fence from animal impacts or environmental forces while still preserving flexibility.

Non-Climb Applications chart

 The strength varies by brand...

Bekaert offers two strengths of non-climb fence, with a maximum breaking strength of nearly 1030 lbs. Selecting the correct breaking strength depends on the application needs of your fencing project. Things to consider when choosing the right strength tier include animal application, livestock head per acre, and the breed and aggression level of your livestock.

Non-Clmb strength chart
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Non-Climb Fencing

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