Rural and Industrial Fence Applications

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When an industrial project calls for a fence in a rural or industrial location, it helps to have a partner who knows the landscape. Bekaert has been the leader in agricultural fence for over 100 years. Our exclusion and security fencing products are designed with rural and industrial applications in mind. Bekaert fence projects have included solar array security, oil and gas security, state and national park animal control, and FAA-mandated perimeter fencing for airports and airstrips.

Whether your purpose is to exclude problematic animals, secure a perimeter, or meet environmental or government contract requirements, #TheFencePros at Bekaert can get it done. Our Made in America, high-tensile fence products cost less per foot to purchase and install than standard chain link in security applications. Our wide variety of woven wire designs can address ingress and egress concerns from everything from pests to humans. Add our proprietary Bezinal®  zinc-aluminum coating with a 30 year guarantee, or our Bezinal® +Paint with a 40 year guarantee. Both coatings provide an excellent return on investment.

Choose from one of our recommended fence designs and work with our US-based team to develop a custom installation solution for your project’s requirements and unique application. Select your application from the choices below. 

Download our brochure on high tensile wire for solar arrays