Bekaert Fence Products

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Fencing needs are not one-size-fits-all, which is why Bekaert builds fencing products for a variety of farm, ranch, and exclusion fence applications. Whether you are trying to keep your cattle in or exclude deer, Bekaert offers American-made fencing with superior quality and durability. Our rigorous coating guarantees translate into longer life for your fence. Learn more about our Limited Guarantees on our coatings of up to 40 years. Our high tensile fencing products provide lower maintenance and lower total cost of ownership for you while our low carbon fences offer a traditional fencing solution.

With over 200 year's experience just within our sales team, we consider ourselves the fencing experts! We’ve developed fencing solutions for thousands of unique farming and ranching applications, as well as nuisance and exclusion applications. Our fencing experts can answer your toughest project design, installation, or application questions. Ask #TheFencePro now

Quality Construction + Made in the USA + Trusted Experience

We offer three fencing strength tiers to help you choose the right fence, the first time:

Brand Name Wire Type Characteristic
Gaucho® Pro 
Solidlock® Pro 
Cattleman® Pro 
high tensile best quality, optimal performance,
strongest wire, minimal maintenance

Bekaert Sheep and Goat

high tensile high quality, exceptional value
lower maintenance
Classic low carbon traditional quality, customary installation

Layne Lightsey Endorses Bekaert

While we talk a lot about fence, #thefencepros are really animal lovers, which is why we’re always humbled to get an endorsement from someone as well-known as rancher and livestock producer Layne Lightsey of Lightsey Cattle Company. 

Barbed Wire

Cattleman® Pro 14g (High Tensile)
Gaucho® 15.5g (High Tensile)
Light-Duty 19g (High Tensile)
Classic 12.5g 

Fixed Knot

Solidlock® Pro Fixed Knot (High Tensile) Solidlock® Fixed Knot (High Tensile)

Field Fence

Gaucho® Pro Field Fence (High Tensile)
Gaucho® Field Fence (High Tensile)
Classic Field Fence

Non-Climb Fence

Gaucho® High Strength Horse Fence
Gaucho® High Strength Sheep / Goat Fence
Gaucho® Non-Climb Horse Fence
Classic Horse Fence

Electric/Smooth Wire

High Tensile Smooth Wire
Electric Fence Wire
Merchant Quality Wire

Other Fence Products

Welded Utility Fabric
Staples: Barbed and Knurled
Fence Stays