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Bekaert's Solidlock® Fixed Knot Fence products are the most dynamic fencing option available, suitable for a multitude of applications.

The knot style combined with the strength of the high tensile wire makes fixed knot fences suitable for nearly any fence job. If your fencing project crosses varied or difficult terrain or requires high rigidity for strength between post spacing's, Bekaert Solidlock® fixed knot fence is your fencing solution.

Constructed with solid vertical stay wires that increase strength, tolerate wider post spacing's, and resist damage from impacts, Solidlock® provides versatility and performance in a variety of fencing applications. Featuring multiple heights and styles to suite all types of livestock enclosure and exclusion needs, Bekaert Solidlock® utilizes a graduated wire spacing design that narrows as the fence nears the ground to deter smaller animals from crossing the fence.

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