Electric Fence Wire

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Use Electric Fence Wire and Merchant Quality Wire for a variety of applications. These low carbon galvanized wire products feature a single-strand design that allows it to be used for pasture fencing, bracing, tying, or bundling. The Merchant Quality Wire is offered on coils of 10 lbs. or 100 lbs., choose the coating option that matches your needs, Class 1 or Class 3 for added against the elements. The Electric Fence Wire products are offered in 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile reels. 

 Designed for permanent cost-efficient, temporary fencing needs and general farm/ranch jobs, our low carbon smooth wire is easier to work  however it is prone to elongation over time compared to our High Tensile Smooth Wire products.  Our Low Carbon Electric Fence Wire has a breaking load of 322 lbs.for the 14g and 176 lbs. for 17g.  Our Low Carbon Merchant Quality Smooth Wire products have a breaking load of 1,179 for 9g, 794 for 11g, and 341 for 14g products. 

 Our Low Carbon Electric Fence Wire products meet or exceed the following ASTM standards:  
  • ASTM A 641 (general fence wire)
Bekaert Electric Fence Wire
Item # Wire Diameter Length Package Coating
118220 14g  1,320'
(1/4 mile)
 spool galvanized 
118306  14g  2,640'
(1/2 mile) 
spool  galvanized 
119752  17g  1,320' 
(1/4 mile) 
spool  galvanized 
118244  17g  2,640'
(1/2 mile) 
spool  galvanized 

Bekaert Merchant Quality Wire Coils
Item # Wire
Length Package Coating
223896 9g 170' spool Class 3
223897 9g 1,710' spool Class 3
118105 11g 270' spool Class 1
118108 14g 585' spool Class 1