Fixed Knot

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Bekaert's Solidlock® fencing products are the most dynamic fencing option available. The knot style combined with the strength of the high tensile wire makes these fences suitable for nearly any fence job. If your fencing project crosses varied or difficult terrain or requires high rigidity for strength between post spacing's, Bekaert Solidlock® fixed knot fence is your fencing solution.

Constructed with solid vertical stay wires that increase strength, tolerate wider post spacing's, and resist damage from impacts, Solidlock® provides versatility and performance in a variety of fencing applications. Featuring multiple heights and styles to suite all types of livestock enclosure and exclusion needs, Bekaert Solidlock® utilizes a graduated wire spacing design that narrows as the fence nears the ground to deter smaller animals from crossing the fence. 

Solidlock® Pro 12.5g Fixed Knot

  • 1,385 lb breaking strength
  • high tensile wire
  • available in various heights up to 120"
  • available w/ Bezinal® + UV Paint w/ 40 year Limited Guarantee
  • excellent for all animal applications

Solidlock® 14g Fixed Knot

  • 630 lb breaking strength
  • high tensile wire
  • available in various heights up to 90"
  • available w/ Bezinal® w/ 30 year Limited Guarantee
  • recommended for sheep, goat, and exclusion applications

Ready to install your Fixed Knot? 

We take pride in our extensive technical and installation know-how. To help you, we offer a number of resources for fixed knot installation tips and tricks.

Fixed Knot Applications, Coatings, and Wire Strength

For the best fit, consider your tensile strength, coating, and knot options. 

When you buy Bekaert fixed knot fence, you buy the industry leader in not only fence manufacturing, but in erosion-controlling chemical coatings. Bekaert’s Bezinal® coatings and Class 3 galvanized coating offer 20, 30, and 40 year Limited Guarantees, suitable for the harshest environmental factors. Our high tensile Solidlock® fence products are manufactured with several coating options. Your coating can make all the difference in the life span of your fencing project, choose the right coating

Pair our innovative coatings with the strength that comes from Bekaert’s 135 years of manufacturing the toughest wire products made, and you have the best fencing value in the industry. Our high tensile Solidlock® fence products are manufactured with two differing wire strengths, professional strength and high strength. Learn more about why tensile strength is so important for your fence project.