Fixed Knot

When you need solid construction across varied or difficult terrain, look no further than Bekaert’s Solidlock® Fixed Knot fence.

Built with solid vertical stay wires that help increase fence strength and post spacing, our fixed knot field fence is damage and impact resistant. Featuring a wide variety of heights and styles for all types of livestock enclosure and exclusion needs, our Solidlock® fence series showcases a graduated wire spacing format that narrows lower fence openings to deter smaller animals from crossing the fence.
Fixed Knot Applications chart

 The strength varies between brands...

Our Fixed Knot Fences are very resistant to animal damage and can be used for various applications. Bekaert offers two strengths of fixed knot wire fence, with a maximum breaking strength of nearly 1500 lbs. Selecting the correct breaking strength depends on the application needs of your fencing project. Things to consider when choosing the right strength tier include animal application, livestock head per acre, and the breed and aggression level of your livestock.

Fixed Knot strength chart

For more information on our complete line of fixed knot fencing, download our fencing product catalog or contact us directly.



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