Solidlock® Fixed Knot

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If you need to lock down a solid choice for your farm fence project, High Tensile 14g Solidlock® Fixed Knot wire fence is for you.

By using high strength, high tensile wire and our fixed knot system, Solidlock® Fixed Knot fence provides the greatest quality with the lowest labor and maintenance investment. The breaking load of our Solidlock® products is 630 lbs.

With heights ranging from 78” to 90”, Solidlock® products are excellent options for jumping sheep and goats are perfect for exclusion purposes including deer and other predatory wildlife. Our fence design charts demonstrate the gradual openings for our 14g fixed knot fences: Solidlock®.

Select Solidlock® products include pre-installed Gripple wire joiners. Check with your local dealer or Bekaert Sales Representative for details. 

All Bekaert Solidlock® Fixed Knot wire is coated with Bezinal® hybrid zinc-aluminum coating for protection against the elements, including a 30 year Limited Guarantee.

Our 14g Fixed Knot products meet or exceed the following ASTM standards:

  • ASTM A 856 (Bezinal®
Solidlock®: Fixed Knot, 14 ga
Item # Description Height Roll
 Weight (lbs.) Coating
170645  1478-6  78"  165'  105  Bezinal®
157717  1478-6  78"  330' 210  Bezinal®
 644620  1690-6  90"  165'  122  Bezinal®
157718  1690-6  90"  330'  241  Bezinal®