Solidlock® Fixed Knot

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If you need to lock down a solid choice for your farm fence project, High Tensile 14g Solidlock® Fixed Knot wire fence is for you.

By using high strength, high tensile wire and our fixed knot system, Solidlock® Fixed Knot fence provides the greatest quality with the lowest labor and maintenance investment. The breaking load of our Solidlock® products is 630 lbs.

With heights ranging from 78” to 90”, Solidlock® products are excellent options for exclusion purposes including deer and other predatory wildlife. Our fence design charts demonstrate the gradual openings for our 14g fixed knot fences: Solidlock®.

Select Solidlock® products include pre-installed Gripple wire joiners. Check with your local dealer or Bekaert Sales Representative for details. 

All Bekaert Solidlock® Fixed Knot wire is coated with Bezinal® hybrid zinc-aluminum coating for protection against the elements, including a 30 year Limited Guarantee.

Our 14g Fixed Knot products meet or exceed the following ASTM standards:

  • ASTM A 856 (Bezinal®
Solidlock®: Fixed Knot, 14 ga
Item # Description Height Roll
 Weight (lbs.) Coating
170645  1478-6  78"  165'  105  Bezinal®
157717  1478-6  78"  330' 210  Bezinal®
 644620  1690-6  90"  165'  122  Bezinal®
157718  1690-6  90"  330'  241  Bezinal®