Bekaert Sheep and Goat Fence

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Designed for the strength to withstand the impact of a herd while protecting fleeces and hooves, our Bekaert Strength Sheep and Goat Fence is an all-around leader in flock protection and containment.

Bekaert's High Tensile Sheep and Goat Fence is constructed with the needs of the animal and producer in mind. The non-climb 4” by 4” design deters entanglement from animals putting their heads through the fence. The durable S knot construction features a smooth design that resists snags on valuable fleeces while providing the structure needed to combat buckling, sagging and ongoing maintenance needs.

Treated with our industry-leading Bezinal® coating, our Bekaert Sheep and Goat Fence carries a 30 year Limited Guarantee.

These products meet or exceed the following ASTM standards:  

  • ASTM A 121
  • ASTM A 856 (Bezinal®

Bekaert High Tensile Sheep and Goat Fence
Item # Description Roll


213412  1348-4, 12.5/13.5 ga  330'  231 Bezinal®
230834  1348-4, 12.5/13.5 ga  100'  71 Bezinal®