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Dog Fence Requirements

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Dog Fixed Knot Non-climb Tips & Tricks

There are a number of choices for dog fencing and will depend on size, aggressiveness and ability to dig under or jump over a fence. Kennel fencing is designed for the safety and containment of individual dogs, along with communal areas for multiple dogs to interact and socialize.


Dogs do not generally need overly strong fencing. The size of the openings in the wire mesh are the most important thing to consider. Smaller openings at the bottom are very important. For larger breeds, using a fence design with larger openings can save money. 


Install the wire according to the manufacturers recommendations for the maximum post spacing. 12 to 14 feet for S-Knot, 20 to 30 ft for Fixed Knot.


  • 42- 60" depending on breed and temperament of animal


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