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Experienced Fence Pro Joins Bekaert Team

Monday, June 07, 2021



Bekaert’s Fence Pros travel the country helping livestock producers, orchard owners and horse enthusiasts plan and purchase high-quality fencing and offer expert installation insights. The company is pleased to welcome Van Medley, an experienced fence professional to the Fence Pro team.

Born in Kentucky and raised in Tennessee, Medley has spent nearly 20 years working with farmers, livestock producers, and ag retailers as they build and grow their operations.

quotes Image “I’m looking forward to working with farmers, producers, and acreage owners to promote fencing techniques and identify better ways to invest in long-lasting fencing projects,”

said Medley who manages a cow/calf operation in his spare time.

Experienced Fence Pro Joins Bekaert Team

Bekaert Fence Pros not only create and share video demonstrations on YouTube, but they respond to inquiries from across the country via Bekaert’s “Ask a Fence Pro” on its website. “I’d encourage folks to send in their questions. My job is to get back to you within 24 hours to help you in that next step of your fencing project,” said Medley.

Medley’s advice for any fence project is to take the time to properly plan and get things laid out correctly. “I remind people to take the time to choose the right wire for your fence’s goal.

Too often, I see folks jump in before they’re really ready to start a project,” said Medley. “If you start on the bad foundation, you can never make it up no matter what quality product you buy.”

Medley’s territory covers the eastern half of the United States where he succeeds Steven Sarson, a long-time Bekaert Fence Pro who after 30 years serving customers, will retire this summer. Medley joins Keith Taylor, Bekaert Fence Pro for the western portion of the U.S.

Medley, cheers for his alma mater, Middle Tennessee State University and enjoys spending time on his family’s multigeneration farm with his wife and five children. Van and other Fence Pros can be reached via the Bekaert Fence Pro  "Ask the Fence Pro" form.

Van and other Fence Pros