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BeFAST Brace Kit (40 kits)
BeFAST Brace Kit (40 kits)

BeFAST Brace Kit (40 kits)

Bekaert SKU 288591

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$315.00 per box Build My Project

Manufacturer's suggested retail price*

Product Description

  • A ready-to-use kit containing a pre-cut, fused length of 16.5' of 5/32" thick, 1x19 strand cable and a Large Gripple (40-count)

  • Designed for wooden H-Bracing fencing applications for fast and easy bracing producing a consistent, professional finished brace

  • High load capacity

*This is the online selling price on Bekaert, local dealer price may vary slightly.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Upc Code Item 672205 00390 4
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Item Height (Inch) 10
Item Width (Inch) 12
Item Weight (LBS) 35
Packaging Box
Pallet Weight (LBS) 965
Case Height (Inch) 11
Case Width (Inch) 15
Case Depth (Inch) 12
Case Weight (LBS) 35
Quantity Items per Pallet 27

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