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Gripple Plus Medium Joiner (200-count)
Gripple Plus Medium Joiner (200-count)

Gripple Plus Medium Joiner (200-count)

Bekaert SKU 288555

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Product Description

  • Joining and tensioning ability in one

  • Eliminates tying and knotting wires, reducing installation time

  • Ideal for use on high tensile and low-carbon trellis wire

  • Designed for high loads and corrosion resistance

  • Easily re-tensioned year-after-year

  • Ideal for 13.5 ga - 10 ga fence or trellis wire or 15.5 ga high tensile barbed wire

  • Working load 880 lb

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Product availabilty

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Upc Code Item 672205 00397 3
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Item Weight (LBS) 12
Item Width (Inch) 4.25
Item Height (Inch) 8.25
Item Depth (Inch) 5.25
Pallet Width (Inch) 39.0
Pallet Depth (Inch) 47.0
Packaging Canister


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