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Gripple T-Clip (150-count)
Gripple T-Clip (150-count)

Gripple T-Clip (150-count)

Bekaert SKU 288557

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$205.00 per jar Build My Project

Manufacturer's suggested retail price*

Product Description

  • Securely fastens fencing wire at an end post for fasy and easy termination

  • Eliminates tying and knotting wires, reducing installation time

  • No need to cut and remove vertical wire

  • The twist on action provides a secure termination

  • High grade ceramic roller for corrosion resistance

  • Ideal for 14-10 ga fencing wire and 15.5 ga high tensile barbed wire

*This is the online selling price on Bekaert, local dealer price may vary slightly.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Upc Code Item 672205 00396 6
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Item Height (Inch) 8
Item Width (Inch) 4
Item Depth (Inch) 5
Item Weight (LBS) 12.00
Packaging Jar
Pallet Width (Inch) 39
Pallet Depth (Inch) 47

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