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Fence Recommendations for Animals with Behavior Problems

The Bekaert Fence Pros provide a practical solution for a rancher facing the issue of a bull jumping over a boundary fence. It showcases the process of adding height to the existing fence using Cattleman® Pro barbed wire to prevent the bull from escaping during breeding season in Northeast Wyoming. The video emphasizes the strength and durability of the barbed wire, the importance of proper tension, and the use of Bezinal® coating for longevity.

1.Introduction (00:41)

* Rancher’s bull jumping over the fence

* Adding height with Cattleman® Pro barb wire

* Aim to keep the bull within its pasture

2. Fence Enhancement (01:07)

* Utilizing strong barbed wire for durability

* Adding strength and height to the fence

* Addressing the bull’s behavior effectively

3. Installation Process (02:06)

* Rolling out the barb wire with a homemade unwinder

* Ensuring good tension and termination of the fence

* Preparing for potential full fence replacement

4. Final Installation Adjustments (03:34)

* Double wrap system for wind resistance

* Bezinal coating for the longest-lasting protection

* Trimming the fence with a new staple gun