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Underground Cable Repair for Electric Fences

TheFencePros provide a detailed tutorial on repairing an underground cable for electric fences. We'll emphasize the importance of maintaining a complete circuit to ensure voltage continuity past any faults, protecting livestock and wildlife from entering restricted areas like gardens. Van demonstrates a quick repair method, highlighting the need for regular health checks and proper fence maintenance to prevent animals from learning to bypass the fence.

1. Introduction to the repair scenario(00:41)

* Discussing common issues with underground cables

* Explaining the significance of a complete circuit

* Emphasizing the protection of gardens from animals

2. Demonstration of the repair process (01:51)

* Showing how to make a quick and secure repair

* Ensuring a tight connection to prevent animal entanglement

* Highlighting the importance of regular maintenance

3. Discussion on electric fence effectiveness (02:25)

* Sharing personal experiences with electric fence installation

* Addressing common issues with spring gates

* Stressing the importance of proper jumper placement

4. Finalizing the repair and maintenance advice (04:06)

* Completing the repair and filling the trench

*Advising on the necessity of ongoing health checks

*Discussing the importance of training livestock to respect the fence