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Bekaert Fencing | Agriculture Fence Products- USA Made

From humble beginnings in 1880 manufacturing barbed wire to today's corrosion-resistant, high strength high tensile woven wire, Bekaert has grown to be the agricultural industry's premier fencing supplier. Made in America Bekaert fence products set the bar for quality and durability, offering an industry-leading 40 year Limited Guarantee on our advanced zinc-aluminum Bezinal coatings. Our commitment to quality extends to our technical experts, who answer one-on-one questions for consumers in order to ensure every fence is the right fence for the job.

Agricultural Fencing Types

We specialize in barbed wire, fixed knot, field fence, non-climb fence and electric wire products that are all suited to meet your agricultural fence needs. These fence types can contain your farm animals and exclude the natural predators that threaten your livestock. Reliable agricultural fencing supplies are necessary to maintain your animals’ security and safety throughout the seasons. Our products are strong, durable, and stand the test of time.

Which fence type is best for agricultural land?

Depending on your needs, fencing that is high-tensile with the knot style that works best for your livestock will be good for your land. For cattle and larger livestock, barbed wire, fixed knot, or field fence may be the best fence. For animals such as horses, sheep, and goats, a field fence or non-climb one is ideal. No matter the fence type, it is essential to have a high-quality fence for your property.

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