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Bekaert Fencing | Rodeo Hall of Famer Trusted Fencing Products

While we talk a lot about fence, the Fence Pros are really animal lovers, which is why we’re always humbled to get an endorsement from someone as well-known as cowboy and rodeo legend Denny Flynn. This man cares for his horses and knowing Bekaert is his fence of choice is both gratifying and humbling.

American Fencing Styles and Options

There are different knot styles for horse fencing. Denny prefers the Solidlock® Pro Fixed Knot Horse Fence due to its strength, durability, and unique fence design. It can handle the pressure from his horses. “Sometimes, the horse press against it and it just springs back to form,” Denny said.

The Solidlock Fixed Knot can be a good choice for horses because of its high tensile wire construction. High tensile wire is stronger than low-carbon wire products. The wire has a low-elongation factor which means the fence is less likely to sag or buckle.

Because of the use of high tensile wire, the Solidlock Fixed Knot Horse Fence can handle up to 1,350 pounds of pressure before sagging or buckling. So, this means your fence will stand up to the ordinary challenges of ranch life, including safe containment. The height is perfect for horses so there is no worry of your horses getting out.

Another option for a horse fence could be our Horseman products.

Purchase your Fence Today

If you want a fence that lasts long and handles the pressures of everyday farm or ranch life, then Bekaert fencing is for you. Our products are sold in local stores, or you can buy directly from our website. Find a dealer near you today.

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