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Fence Recommendations for Hogs/Pigs

The video from Bekaert Fencing discusses various fencing options for hog inclusion. It highlights the 1348-3 Solidlock® Pro as a robust choice for high-density areas, featuring 12.5 gauge line wires, 3-inch spacing, and a four-point contact knot. The fence also has a durable Bezinal® coating, ideal for corrosive environments like feedlots. For a more economical option, the 1348-6 Solidlock® Pro is suggested, with 13 wires, 48 inches in height, and 6-inch spacing. Additionally, the 1047-6 Gaucho® field fence is mentioned as a cost-effective alternative for lower density areas. We emphasizes the importance of choosing the right fence for hog containment and promotes Bekaert’s made-in-the-USA products.

1. Introduction to hog inclusion fences ( 00:41)

* Discusses Bekaert’s woven wire fences

* Highlights suitability for hog containment

* Introduces the 13483 Solid Lock Pro

2. Features of the 13483 Solid Lock Pro (01:01)

* Details 12 1/2 gauge line wires and 3-inch spacing

* Describes the four-point contact knot

* Mentions the durable Bezinal coating

3. Economical fencing options (01:29)

* Presents the 13486 Solid Lock Pro as a cost-effective choice

* Describes the 1047 field fence for lower density areas

* Emphasizes the importance of proper fencing for hogs