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How to Attach and Remove Stretcher Bars for Fence Installation

TheFencePros demonstrate the proper way to attach and remove our stretcher bars for fence installation. Bekaert offers both a 4' and 5' stretcher bars. These bars will pull any woven wire, fixed knot, field fence, horse fence, sheep and goat fence or even a welded wire fence. Combine it with a come along chain grab and you're ready for your next fence installation project.

How to use a fence stretcher bar

Bekaert has two stretcher bar options that are perfect for fence projects under 5’ unless stretcher bars are stacked. How to use a fence stretcher bar is simple. All that is needed are stretcher bars, come along chains, wedges, and a hammer. Before you start tensioning your fence, make sure you wear protective gear.

A fence stretcher bar is frequently used to tension fences. The wire is laid over the stretcher bar and then attached using wedges and a hammer. It takes less time to tension your fence with this reliable tool as compared to other methods, and it makes your fencing project easier.

Bekaert provides the choice of a 4’ or 5’ stretcher for fencing projects. The stretch bar provides the much-needed support to tension your fence in the way you want to. It can be used when tensioning, repairing, or constructing a fence.

Building a fence using a stretcher bar

Stretcher bars are essential tools when installing your fence. If you are putting up a fence, Bekaert’s Fence Stretcher Bar offers the support you need to tension your fence or join fence together with Gripple wire joiners.

Using a stretcher bar is simple and easy. It can be used for all sorts of fences, from fixed knot to field fence to welded wire. Make sure you have a puller with you to tension your fence.

Place the wire over your bar and attach the wedges from bottom to top. Make sure the wedges are secure before attaching the chains to the fence with a stretcher puller.

Do as much tensioning as needed but be sure to leave some slack in the wire, pulling the tool back and forth. When complete, slowly remove the bottom and top chain off the fence. Then take out the wedges from bottom to top.

Fencing can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. With Bekaert Stretcher Bars, tensioning a fence is much easier. If you have a question on building your fence, you can reach out to our Fence Pros and ask.

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