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Building a Fence for Multi-Species

TheFencePros provide a detailed guide on building a multi-species fence suitable for emus, goats and other various livestock. We'll discuss the importance of fence height, opening size in woven wire fences, and the use of high tensile smooth wire to add height safely. We'll demonstrate how to install the fence, tension the wire using a Gripple Torq Tool, and offer tips for easy maintenance and safety considerations for both livestock and wildlife.

1. Fencing considerations for emus (00:41)

* Importance of appropriate fence height

* Correct opening size to prevent safety concerns

* Bekaert’s variety of suitable fencing options

2. Choosing the right fence for multiple species (01:09)

* Selection of sheep and goat fence for emus and goats

* Adding height with high tensile smooth wire

* Ensuring safety for all animals involved

3. Installation and tensioning of the fence (02:42)

* Demonstrating the termination and tensioning process

* Various options for tensioning high tensile electric fences

* Importance of not over-tensioning to prevent entanglement

4. Finalizing the fence setup (05:02)

* Tips for terminating wire ends for future re-tensioning

* Repeating the process to achieve desired fence height

* Emphasizing the ease of installation and maintenance