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Repairing 100 Year Old Barbed Wire Using New Technology

The Bekaert Fence Pros showcase our innovative solution for repairing 100-year-old barbed wire fences using new technology. It emphasizes the challenges of repairing old and brittle barbed wire and introduces the Gripple Barbed Wire Joiner as an effective tool for making durable repairs without the need for bending the wire, which could cause it to break.

1. Introduction to fence repair challenges (0:42)

* Importance of budget-friendly repairs

* Impact of natural disasters and animals on fences

* Prevalence of old barbed wire in Northeast Wyoming

2. The Gripple solution (1:21)

* Gripple Barbed Wire joiner’s ease of use

* No need to bend old, brittle wire

* Simple insertion into Gripple joiner for repair

3. Repair process demonstration (2:17)

* Cutting out bad sections of barbed wire

* Inserting wire into the Gripple joiner channels

* Importance of safety and proper disposal of cut pieces

4. Tensioning and finalizing the repair (3:35)

* Pulling slack through Gripple Barbed Wire Joiner

* Ensuring durability with ceramic rollers

* Using Gripple Torq Tool for tensioning and smooth finish