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Installing High Tensile Fence Over Rough Terrain

The Fence Pros provide a detailed guide on installing high tensile fencing over rough terrain. We discuss the importance of building strong braces and line posts at key points of the terrain to maintain wire tension and prevent livestock from passing underneath. Safety precautions, such as wearing protective gear, are emphasized. The process of a center pull is demonstrated, explaining how to achieve even tension and adjust for terrain transitions. The use of specific tools like stretcher bars, chains, and Gripple wire joiners is shown, along with techniques for securing the fence at high and low points to ensure proper tension and animal safety.

1. Introduction to fencing on rough terrain (00:42)

* Importance of good braces and line posts

* Securing at high points and pulling into lows

* Safety measures for fencing

2. Setting up for a center pull (01:42)

* Preparing stretcher bars and chains

* Discussing the center pull method

* Ensuring even tension across the fence

3. Tensioning the fence and checking transition points (03:09)

* Adjusting tension at high and low points

* Using pipe post clips for securing

* Importance of deflection for animal safety

4. Final adjustments and securing the fence (07:45)

* Pulling the fence into low areas

* Checking for squareness and removing wrinkles

* Joining fabric with gripples for easy adjustments

5. Completing the installation and reviewing the work (16:12)

* Ensuring a visually appealing top line

* Checking the bottom for gaps

* Final thoughts on the fencing project