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Overcoming the Difficult Short Pull in Fencing

The Bekaert Fence Pros demonstrate the process of overcoming the challenge of a short pull in fencing, specifically focusing on the difficulty of tensioning a fence in a short space. We provide a detailed explanation of using a gut strain technique with Gripple wire joiners to achieve proper tension without the need for a traditional stretcher bar.

1. Introduction to the short pull challenge (0:41]

* Describes the short pull as the hardest in fencing

* Explains the lack of slack absorption in short pulls

* Emphasizes the need for proper technique

2. Gut strain technique ([1:30)

*Introduces the gut strain method using Gripple Plus Mediums

* Demonstrates tying high tensile smooth wire knots

* Shows how to set the Gripple wire joiner and use the Torq Tool for tension

3. Stripping knots with the Gripple Torq Tool (3:50)

* Presents an alternative method for stripping knots

* Highlights the ease of using the torq tool with two people

* Discusses the challenges with different fence materials

4. Final tensioning and safety precautions (5:52)

* Details the final steps of tensioning with the Torq Tool

* Stresses the importance of safety glasses during the process

* Concludes with trimming excess wire for animal safety