Electric / Smooth wire

Single-stranded wire, both low carbon and high tensile, can be used in many different applications from the farm or ranch, or in your home, and at the shop. Smooth wire can be used for temporary fencing applications, topping a woven wire fence, as a second layer protection in front of woven wire fence, corralling fence, tying, fastening, hanging, bundling, and permanent fencing applications. 

Bekaert manufactures smooth wire in various breaking strengths maxing out at 1535 lbs for the high tensile fencing products. Selecting the correct breaking strength depends on the application needs of your fencing project. Things to consider when choosing the right strength tier include installation method (High Tensile vs. Low Carbon), animal application, livestock head per acre, and the breed and aggression level of your livestock.

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Electric / Smooth Wire

 Smooth Wire  DL

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