Electric / Smooth Wire

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Fast enough for a quick job, strong enough to work long-term. Bekaert offers options for both electric fence wire and high tensile and low carbon smooth wire. 

Single strand smooth wire is popular for use throughout the farm or ranch, in home settings, or in on-farm shops. It provides an affordable permanent, temporary or repair fencing solution, an additional layer of protection in front or above a woven wire fence, and a reliable tool for a multitude of other tying, bracing, fastening, hanging, or bundling applications.  

High Tensile 12.5g Smooth Wire

  • 1,535 lb breaking strength
  • high tensile wire
  • available in a coil or on a Reddie™ Reel
  • available w/ Bezinal® coating
  • excellent for electric and non-electric applications

Low Carbon Smooth Wire

  • Up to 322 lb breaking strength
  • low carbon wire
  • available in coils, or reels of ¼ or ½ miles
  • available w/various gauges and coatings

Ready to install your Smooth Wire? 

We take pride in our extensive technical and installation know-how. To help you, we offer a number of resources for Smooth Wire installation tips and tricks.

Smooth Wire Applications, Coating, and Wire Strength

For the best fit, consider your tensile strength, coating, and knot options. 

Our most versitile wire product, Bekaert's Smooth Wire, can be used for various applications including electrified fencing, bracing wire, parameter wire, or even to hang a plant in your porch. For a stiffer, more sturdy wire choose high tensile wire; a for a wire that is easier to work with consider our other smooth wire options. When you buy Bekaert smooth wire, you buy the industry leader in not only fence manufacturing, but in erosion-controlling chemical coatings. Bekaert’s Bezinal® coatings and Class 3 galvanized coating are suitable for the harshest environmental factors. Your coating can make all the difference in the life span of your fencing project, choose the right coating

Pair our innovative coatings with the strength that comes from Bekaert’s 135 years of manufacturing the toughest wire products made, and you have the best fencing value in the industry. Our high tensile smooth wire fence products are manufactured with two differing gauges and wire strength properties. Learn more about why tensile strength is so important for your fence project.