Field Fence

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For fencing that multitasks, get Bekaert hinge joint field fence.

Flexible, adaptable and economical, hinge jointed field fence provides a way to enclose large areas efficiently and safely for a variety of animal types and fencing applications. Designed for durability and performance, the hinged joints encourage the fence to spring back into shape after animal impacts, minimizing maintenance and repairs, while the graduated spacing features narrower openings toward the ground, deterring predators and small animals. 

Gaucho® Pro Field Fence

  • 1,075 lb breaking strength
  • high tensile wire
  • pre-installed Gripple option available
  • available w/ Bezinal® + UV Paint, Class 3, and Class 1 coatings
  • available w/ Limited Guarantee up to 40 years
  • excellent for grazers like cattle, sheep and goats
  • 78" height deer exclusion option available

Gaucho® Field Fence

  • 630 lb breaking strength
  • high tensile wire
  • pre-installed Gripple option available
  • available w/ Class 3 coating
  • available w/ Limited Guarantee up to 20 years
  • good choice for cattle, sheep and goats

Classic Field Fence

  • various breaking strength options
  • available w/ Class 3 and Class 1 coatings
  • good combination of performance and value

Ready to install your Field Fence? 

We take pride in our extensive technical and installation know-how. To help you, we offer a number of resources for field fence installation tips and tricks.

Field Fence Applications, Coatings, and Wire Strength

For the best fit, consider your tensile strength, coating, and knot options. 

When you buy Bekaert field fence, you buy the industry leader in not only fence manufacturing, but in erosion-controlling chemical coatings. Bekaert’s Bezinal® coatings and Class 3 galvanized coating offer 20, 30, and 40 year Limited Guarantees, suitable for the harshest environmental factors. The fence's and design make it an effective, economical way to enclose large fields and pastures, and its available with Bezinal®+UV coating with a 40 Year Limited Guarantee mean it’s a fencing investment capable of lasting. Other coatings available for our field fence products include Class 3 and Class 1. Choose the coating right for your region and application. 

Pair that with the strength that comes from Bekaert’s 135 years of manufacturing the toughest wire products made, and you have the best fencing value in the industry.  Ranging from a low carbon 12.5g offering to a high tensile 10.5g offering that boasts a nearly 1,100 lb breaking strength, Bekaert makes hinge joint field fence for any application, including deer application. 

Check out the chart to  see the best product for your application.