Non-Climb: Horse, Sheep, Goat

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If beauty and functionality were combined in a fence, it would be Bekaert's Non-Climb Fences.

Non-climb provides the versatility to fence inquisitive jumping animals like horses, sheep, and goats, and strength from vertical stay wires and “S” knot construction to combat buckling and sagging. The smooth, snag-resistant design protects fleeces and hides, while the small openings prevent entanglement with small-hooved animals. The complete package is one that puts functionality and animal safety front and center. 

Gaucho® High Strength Horse Fence

  • 805 lb breaking strength
  • high tensile wire
  • available w/ Bezinal® coating
  • available w/ Limited Guarantee up to 30 years
  • excellent for horses and fleece animals

Gaucho® High Strength Sheep & Goat Fence

  • 805 lb breaking strength
  • high tensile wire
  • available w/ Bezinal® coating
  • available w/ Limited Guarantee up to 30 years
  • excellent for sheep and goats

Gaucho® Non-Climb Horse Fence

  • 460 lb breaking strength
  • hybrid high tensile and low carbon wire
  • available w/ Bezinal®+ UV black paint and Class 3 coating
  • available w/ Limited Guarantee up to 40 years
  • good for horses, sheep and goats

Classic Horse Fence

  • 950 lb breaking strength
  • available in Class 1 coating
  • good combination of performance and value

Ready to install your Non-Climb Fence? 

We take pride in our extensive technical and installation know-how. Get the tips and tricks you need to make installation of your non-climb horse, sheep, or goat fence stress-free.

Non-Climb Applications, Coatings, and Wire Strength

For the best fit, consider your tensile strength, coating, and knot options. 

When you buy Bekaert's non-climb fence, you buy the industry leader in not only fence manufacturing, but in erosion-controlling chemical coatings. Bekaert’s Bezinal® coatings and Class 3 galvanized coating offer 20, 30, and 40 year Limited Guarantees, suitable for the harshest environmental factors. Our non-climb fence products are manufactured with several coating options with our most popular option being Bezinal® + UV Black Paint for an attractive finish. Your coating can make all the difference in the life span of your fencing project, choose the right coating for your fence project. 

Pair our innovative coatings with the strength that comes from Bekaert’s 135 years of manufacturing the toughest wire products made, and you have the best fencing value in the industry. The ability of non-climb fence to contain a variety of animals safely and effectively is a large part of its appeal to farmers, ranchers and hobbyists. Non-climb promotes strength without compromising curb appeal or animal safety with its smooth, “S-knot” design. Our non-climb fence products are manufactured with differing wire strengths ranging from 460 lb breaking strength to 805 lbs. Learn more about why tensile strength is so important for your fence project.