Classic Non-Climb Horse Fence

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For a traditional non-climb fence option, Bekaert offers low carbon 12.5g Classic Non-Climb Horse Fence.

As a low carbon product, this wire contains 0.06-0.08% carbon content, as opposed to the 0.28% content of high tensile wire. This variation means the low carbon wire will be easier to work with, but also prone to sagging and elongation over the years, requiring and periodic tensioning and more maintenance.

Bekaert’s low carbon non-climb products are offered in Class 1 coating.

Our Classic Horse Fence products meet or exceed the following ASTM standards:

  • ASTM A 116

Classic: Non-Climb Horse Fence
Item # Description Roll


145778  1348-2, 12.5/12.5g 100' 122  Class 1
145780  1348-2, 12.5/12.5g 200' 248  Class 1
145781  1660-2, 12.5/12.5g 100'  151  Class 1
145754  1972-2, 12.5/12.5g 100' 179  Class 1