Gaucho® High Strength Horse Fence

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Bring additional safety to your fields and paddocks with the “S” knot design of Bekaert’s High Strength 12.g/13.5g Gaucho® Horse Fence. Built with high tensile wire in a mesh design, it’s designed to be stronger than a speeding horse, and to provide safe, humane containment.

The 2” x 4” mesh openings are specifically designed to deter animals from putting hooves or heads through the fence and potentially harming themselves. The smooth “S” knot construction is also designed for animal safety, protecting skin, manes, and tails from cuts and snags. 

Treated with our industry-leading Bezinal® coating, High Tensile 12.g/13.5g Gaucho® Horse Fence carries a 30 year Limited Guarantee.

 Our Gaucho® High Strength Horse Fence products meet or exceed the following ASTM standards:  

  • ASTM A 121
  • ASTM A856 (Bezinal®

Gaucho® Pro: High Strength Horse Fence
Item # Description Reel


164395  1348-2, 12.5/13.5g  100'  101 Bezinal®
164396  1348-2, 12.5/13.5g  200'  109 Bezinal®
164397  1660-2,12.5/13.5g  100'  136 Bezinal®
164399  1660-2, 12.5/13.5g  200'  246 Bezinal®
165031  1972-2, 12.5/13.5g  100'  162 Bezinal®