Fence Bullet Pipe Brace Kits

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We talk about two different types of fence braces made of either wood or pipe posts. Both options works well, the choice to use either wood or pipe is a personal aesthetic preference or sometimes driven by regional location. Until now, building a fence brace utilizing pipe required the need to weld meaning it is very labor intensive, requires special skills and expensive equipment.

To make the process of building a pipe brace easier, Bekaert has partnered with Bullet Fence Systems to bring you our new Fence Bullet Pipe Brace Kits. These kits are easy to use pipe connectors used to build fence braces quickly and easily, even in remote areas. No welding is needed, therefore no fire risk and you can easily install in remote areas. After you set your brace pipes, you can quickly install a brace in under 5 minutes. We offer kits in H style, N style, HN styles, all in two sizes, 2 3/8” and 2 7/8”. To understand how to install each kit, we've developed instructional videos: H brace, N brace, HN brace. For any installation or product questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our team

  • Fast, easy and strong
  • Minimal hand tools required for assembly
  • Adjustable and reusable
  • Long life, all galvanized
  • No welding required, no fire risk

Depending on the style of brace you are building, each kit includes:

  • Pipe sleeves; 2 for H or N style braces, 4 for HN style braces
  • Post bands; 2 for H or N style braces, 3 for HN style braces
  • Hardware; carriage bolts, standard nuts, serrated flange nuts
  • Steel dome post caps; 2 for H or N style braces, 3 for HN style braces
Pipe Brace Kits
Item # Product Brace Style Post Size
658871 Pipe Brace Kit Galv. HN 2 3/8"
658872 Pipe Brace Kit Galv. HN 2 7/8"
 658873  Pipe Brace Kit Galv.  2 3/8"
 658874  Pipe Brace Kit Galv. N  2 7/8"
 658875  Pipe Brace Kit Galv. H  2 3/8"
 658876  Pipe Brace Kit Galv. H  2 7/8"