Fence Installation Tools

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Proper installation is vital to a long lasting fence. Having the right tools can help the installation process go smoother. Bekaert now offers various tools to assist you in your installation process including stretcher bars, wedges, chain grabs, wire cutters, and wire twisting tools. 

Stretcher Bars, Wedges and Pullers

When used in combination, our stretcher bars, wedges and chain grabs are fence installation tools that assist you in tensioning your fence, whether high tensile or low carbon wire. The combination of the stretcher bars, wedges and chain grabs are used to tension all types of woven wire. Be sure to use the right size stretcher bar for your fence. The height of your stretcher bar should match the height of your fence. The chain grabs can be used without the stretcher bars for installation and repairs of smooth or barbed wire. Have more installation tips? Reach out to the Fence Pros today.  

Stretcher Bars, Wedges, and Pullers
Item # Product Length # of Wedges  Weight (lbs)
632996 4' Stretcher Bar, 5 Wedges 4 ft 5  29
632997 5' Stretcher Bar, 6 Wedges 5 ft 6  36
632998 Stretcher Bar Replacement Wedge 12 in 1  1.4
 632994  Stretcher Bar Puller with 20 ft chain 20 ft N/A  15
 633001  Chain Grab 5 ft  N/A  8.5 

Fence Installation Accessories
Item # Product Description # of units Weight (lbs)
288595 Small Cable Cutter Designed for cutting cable between 1/8" - 5/32" 1 7.6
288582 Large Cable Cutter Designed for cutting cable between 3/16" - 1/4"  1 3.1
288581 Knipex 8" Wire Cutter Knipex 8" wire cutter 1 0.75
633003 Wire Twisting Tool Flat steel tool ideal for bending wire in small spaces 1 0.08