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Fence Knots

 Q. What fence knot is right for my application?

A. Knot types vary based on the fence’s use and the type of work it’s meant to do – animal containment, animal exclusion, decoration, etc. Understanding the differences between the types of fence knots will help you determine the best fence for your project.

Barbed Wire

4 point Barbed Wire  2 point Barbed Wire
Popular for cattle fences, barbed wire construction consists of two wire strands twisted together and starred with 2- or 4-point barbs at intermittent distances, usually 5 inches. For areas of high animal traffic, predator concerns or security issues, a more closely placed 3 inch barb spacing is recommended. Bekaert Gaucho® Barbed Wire fence uses a reverse twist design that switches the direction of the two wires at each barb, producing a sag-resistant, stronger fence with greater memory and less maintenance.

Fixed Knot

 Fixed Knot
A good all-around choice for various types of livestock, fixed knots are durable and resistant to animal damage. Featuring a solid vertical stay wires that give strength and support increased post spacing and a separate piece of knot wire joining the vertical stay and horizontal line wires, fixed knot is a top choice for professional fence installers. Bekaert’s Solidlock® products utilize fixed knot construction.

S Knot

Non Climb S Knot
Ideal for the protection of livestock’s skin and coats due to its smooth construction, the “S” knot integrates a crossed line and stay wire design connected by a separate piece of knotted wire. The resulting knot is impact resistant and smooth to the touch, making it an ideal solution for containment. The “S” knot is the signature knot of our Gaucho® Non-Climb Fences, sheep, goat, llama, and other small pasture livestock fencing.

Hinge Joint

Hinge Joint
The coiled design of a hinge joint is common in agricultural fencing, and is featured on our field fencing. Vertical stay wires are wrapped around horizontal line wires at each intersection, creating a meshed effect. Gaucho® Field Fence products feature an economical choice for animal fencing, the hinge joint is designed to absorb animal impacts without breakage.

4 Fence Tips

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Fence 101

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Fence Openings

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Fence Knots

What are the differences between the types of knots on a fence, and which one is the right kind for my fencing project?

Fence Stapling

I’ve got wooden posts and need to staple my fencing wire to them. What’s the best way to do this so I don’t harm the fence?

Fence Tensioning

I’ve decided on a high tensile fixed knot fence for my project, and I know I need to tension it. What are the best practices for doing this safely and effectively?

Using Gripples

I recently purchased your 47" Gaucho Field Fence. What are the metal components that are pre-installed on each line of the fence? How do I use them? 

Fence Tie Off

What is the best way to tie off my high tensile fencing at the braces?

High Tensile versus Low Carbon Wire

What’s the difference between “high tensile” and “low carbon” fence? Is one a better choice than the other for my fencing project?

Pipe Bracing

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Post Spacing

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Starting a Fence Project

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Stripping a Knot

I’m ready to tie off my high tensile wire to the braces, but I’m out of loose wire. How do I strip knots off the wire ends so I have more loose wire to tie off?

Wood Posts for Bracing

I’ve got some thick wooden posts available, and I’d like to use them as corner posts for a fencing project I’m considering. Are wood posts a good choice for bracing a fence?