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New Pipe Brace Kits Make DIY Fence Projects Easy

Friday, April 23, 2021


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If you have ever had to repair a pipe fence brace on your property, you likely know some of the challenges that can come with it.

Conventional wisdom might tell you to hire a welder and call it a day. (Or, if you’re more self-sufficient and have the right equipment at your disposal, perhaps you’ll plan on performing the necessary welds yourself.)

The problem with securing a professional is that it can be costly — as much as $20 per weld or more in many cases — and you might run into timing issues depending on your welder’s availability.

To further complicate your project timeline, hot, dry or windy conditions can make welding a risky activity, if not prohibited altogether.

Introducing Fence Bullet Pipe Brace Kits

The Fence Bullet Pipe Brace Kit system, now available for purchase through Bekaert, delivers a new remedy for a range of projects—from DIY repairs for ranchers and hobby farmers to professional fence contractor jobs.

“We want to offer a solution for everyone,” says Keith Taylor, a Bekaert Fence Pro with three decades of service with the company. “Not everybody is going to hire a contractor or has a portable welder that you can take out in the field. The Fence Bullet just eliminates that need.”

The Fence Bullet Pipe Brace was designed by Ron Goedecke, a retired Oklahoma NRCS agent who ran into some of the challenges you might expect working with Oklahoma Ranchers when repairing and installing fence on their land.

Fence Bullet

Bekaert is now partnering with the company Goedecke founded, Bullet Fence Systems, LLC, to put the do-it-yourself pipe brace kit into the hands of even more ranchers, farmers, landowners and contractors in search of simple, affordable fence solutions.

Easy assembly means potential savings

The kits sold by Bekaert come in three styles — H, N and HN — and are available for either 2 3/8 inch or 2 7/8 inch sized pipe. Each kit comes with post bands, pipe sleeves, nuts and bolts as well as a press-on cap for protection against the elements.

The streamlined simplicity the Fence Bullet Pipe Brace Kit delivers can translate to significant value.

quotes Image “Time is money,” says Taylor. “All you have to do is take a hacksaw, Sawzall or cut-off saw and cut your pipes to length, bolt them together using a couple of wrenches, tap on the cap and you’re ready to go.”

With uprights in and pipes cut, it can take as little as five minutes to connect an H style or N style brace or just 10 minutes for an HN style brace. Watch the installation process in our how to videos: H Brace installationN Brace installation, and HN Brace installation

What this means for your fence project is a shortened timeline with less labor required and, ultimately, serious savings potential.

And while a welded brace is still going to be your strongest solution, the Fence Bullet does not compromise when it comes to strength and durability. Its well-crafted steel components are designed to last under a variety of conditions.

“The Fence Bullet is very strong,”

Fence Bullet

says Taylor. He notes that the Bekaert team has performed thorough field tests on the system, which has withstood pressure up to 4,000 pounds without buckling.

Best of all, the new kit is versatile. It is compatible with any of our Bekaert Fence System products — 

or whatever existing fencing you might already have in place. And paired with Gripple®️ wire joiners, the Bekaert Fence Bullet kits make replacing or repairing any section of your fence a snap.

The Fence Bullet Pipe Brace Kit is now available wherever Bekaert fencing products are sold.