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Bekaert Fencing | Fifth Generation Rancher Trusted Fencing Products

"While we talk a lot about fence, thefencepros are really animal lovers, which is why we’re always humbled to get an endorsement from someone as well-known as rancher and livestock producer Layne Lightsey of Lightsey Cattle Co. Layne, a family-man, has been recognized multiple times over for his efforts in the cattle industry and his drive for environmental stewardship. Knowing Bekaert is his fence of choice is both gratifying and humbling. “In my business, we know what a quality product is. Whether it’s barbed wire or field fence, we put up a lot of it. Bekaert makes a great high-tensile wire, and it’ll be here for the next 20 years” – Layne Lightsey, Lightsey Cattle Co."

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