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Bekaert Fencing | Fifth Generation Rancher Trusted Fencing Products

"While we talk a lot about fence, thefencepros are really animal lovers, which is why we’re always humbled to get an endorsement from someone as well-known as rancher and livestock producer Layne Lightsey of Lightsey Cattle Co. Layne, a family-man, has been recognized multiple times over for his efforts in the cattle industry and his drive for environmental stewardship. Knowing Bekaert is his fence of choice is both gratifying and humbling. “In my business, we know what a quality product is. Whether it’s barbed wire or field fence, we put up a lot of it. Bekaert makes a great high-tensile wire, and it’ll be here for the next 20 years” – Layne Lightsey, Lightsey Cattle Co."

Cattle Ranch Fencing

As someone whose family has been in the ranching business for five generations, Layne Lightsey wants fencing that can meet the needs of his ranch. “I’m building fences right now, so my grandkids don’t have to worry about it later on,” says Lightsey.

This is why good wire fencing is must for Lightsey. It was Bekaert’s quality products that drew Lightsey to purchase Bekaert products. “In our business, we know a quality product when we see one,” says Lightsey.

Fencing is essential for Lightsey. He finds Bekaert’s brand of fencing products helpful on his ranch. Bekaert fence wire options are strong, tough, and remains resilient amid climate changes and herd pressures. “Whether it is barbed wire or field fence, we put up a lot of it. Fencing is very important for our business,” says Lightsey. “Fencing helps us rotate our cattle from one pasture to another and has an impact on how our grass is grazed.”

Lightsey appreciates the American-made aspect of Bekaert products as a rancher. “We try to buy American-made products. The great thing about Bekaert products is that they are American made and competitively priced,” says Lightsey.

Quality Products

Lightsey stressed the importance of quality and longevity. “There may be other fencing options out there for cheaper and you can get it, but you will regret it. Quality matters.”

The ease of which Bekaert fencing products roll out and knowing that our wire fence products come with premier coatings, which extend the life of the fence for years, gives Lightsey confidence in Bekaert.

“It’s the little things you notice when you have been in the fencing business a long time. How well it rolls out. Bekaert wire rolls out without tangling. That means a lot when you are putting up fence,” says Lightsey.

“The longevity of fences matters to us. I want to know that the fence we put up today will be here 20 years from now, and we anticipate that this Bekaert wire will be up for years.”

Lightsey is impressed with his Bekaert wire fences. “I try to let companies know what I think they can do to improve their product. I don’t know what I would tell Bekaert. If you got a good product, just keep doing what you are doing.”

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