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Best Fencing for Cattle

Cattle are rather easy to fence in which means you have many options when it comes to fencing them in. Wire fencing, whether it’s fixed knot, barbed wire or field fence, provide the best options for you. Stocking density is the biggest factor to consider when choosing the right fence for your herd. Your stocking density for cattle determines if your fence is either a physical barrier or a boundary. For the ultimate in containment and strength, choose a Solidlock® Fixed Knot. The fixed knot fence design is the strongest and longest lasting fence you can purchase. One of the most often used fence, 14 gauge Cattleman® high tensile barbed wire is your next best option. And finally, Gaucho® Pro hinge joint field fences are other common choices for cattle containment. Watch this video to learn more about the fence height you need and the post spacing you should use.

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