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Best Wire Fencing for Dogs

Dogs can be very curious animals. They want to dig, climb, jump and chase. If you need to keep your pet safe and secure, you may need to consider building a fence for them. But if you have a large area to fence, like an acreage, you probably wonder what kind of materials to use to build your fence. Woven wire fencing can be a great option. Learn from our Fence Pros what Bekaert products they recommend for man’s best friend. When building a fence for your dog, one thing to consider is the height. Your dog will need a higher fence if they like to jump and try to get out. Or maybe your pet is more docile and will only need a shorter fence. The good news is that Bekaert Fencing has a ton of great options. Depending on the size and attitude of your dog, our Fence Pros recommend the Bekaert Horseman® or Solidlock® Pro. Both come in a variety of heights to fit your needs. Watch this video to learn more about the fence height you need and the post spacing you should use.

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