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Best Fencing for Sheep & Goats

Do you have sheep or goats you need to build a fence for? In this video, The Fence Pros at Bekaert will walk you through everything you need to know before starting your fencing project. First, what fence products are best for sheep and goats? The Fence Pros share their top three fence recommendations. Our pros will also teach you the essential things you need to keep in mind when building a fence for these animals. The Fence Pros will share how high to build your fence since sheep and goats tend to jump over them. You will also learn what fence knot is best for protecting your animals' wool or fur. Lambs and kids often try to crawl underneath fences. Discover how you can build a fence using Bekaert products that will keep them secure and safe. But most importantly, find out what NOT to do. HINT: Spacing plays a HUGE part in building a quality sheep and goat fence. Sheep and goats often try to stick their heads through fencing. If you do not use fence materials with the correct spacing, your animals could easily get stuck. Have sheep and goat fence questions after watching this video? Reach out to the Bekaert Fence Pros:

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