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How to install a N Pipe Brace using Bekaert’s Fence Bullet Kit

TheFencePros at Bekaert demonstrate the proper way to install a N brace using our new Fence Bullet Pipe Brace kit. We offer these kits in two pipe sizes (pipes not included): 2 3/8” and 2 7/8”. This kit is a time and labor saving piece, which installs in less than five minutes after post driving. Braces are the most important element of your fence, the strength of your fence comes from the N-brace.

How to build a strong fence brace

Building a strong fence brace is an important step to setting up a stable fence. Building a fence brace may seem tricky, but it is quite simple. The most important part of your installation is the brace as it holds the tension of your fence keeping it strong. It keeps your fence sturdy. To speed up your pipe brace building, the first thing you want to do is have your new Fence Bullet Pipe Brace Kit on hand.

It has all the materials you need to brace your fence. The only tools you need in addition to the kit is a tape measure, wrenches, markers, a saw, and your pipe. Safety is also key. Make sure you wear protective glasses, gloves, and boots as you start working. Once you have your materials, you can begin the process of building your fence brace.

Fence Bracing System

In your Fence Bullet Pipe Brace Kit, there are post bands, pipe sleeves, nuts & bolts, and press-on caps to build your fence brace. All you need is your wrench and pipe to begin.

The bullet fence system reduces the time you’ll spend on your task. The first thing you’ll need to do is prepare the braces by threading the nuts three quarters of the way up the bolt before securing the bolt through the band.

Measure the distance between your two posts and subtract 1 ½ inches from the length and trim your pipe. Then, run your pipe sleeves through the pipe on both ends. Next, cover the pipe sleeves over the brace on each end. Connect the brace to the sleeve on both ends by screwing the bolts in. Tighten the bolts further if needed.

Once the posts are braced, you’re ready to continue with your fencing project. The Fence Bullet Pipe Brace Kit makes the fencing process easier. It provides you the materials you need to brace your fence quicker. See below for all Fence Bullet Pipe Brace Kit options available now for purchase.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Bekaert Fence Pros with your inquiry.

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